Dimension GRC makes meeting your AML LAUNDERING compliance simple and effective,
so organisations can focus on their core business.


Dimension GRC provides the full-service approach to AML LAUNDERING compliance by mitigating risk for clients, reducing cost, and increasing operational effectiveness & efficiency.

Why Choose Dimension GRC?

AML Experts at your fingertips

Whether you need access to our helpdesk experts for one off questions or need remediation work post audit or your organisation requires a full AML LAUNDERING compliance program designed and implemented; we’ve got you covered.

Tackling Money Laundering with Smart Technology

Reduce risk, save time and money and increase operational efficiency with the use of our smart technology solution. From customer onboarding, automated customer due diligence to suspicious transaction monitoring; we automate full end to end compliance.

Outsource AML/CFT – our experts, our technology…your peace of mind

When faced with the ‘heavy lifting’ of complex administrative compliance work, your staff are diverting their attention from their core roles; managing your customer. Our managed service embeds a seamless customer service to ensure you remain competitive as well as being compliant with AML LAUNDERING.

Join other businesses using Dimension GRC to feel confident and assured your AML obligations are met.