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DimensionGRC interviewed in response to the scrutiny we are under by global #AMLCFT watchdog in a year where most companies are undergoing their first AML audit.

Mike Hosking interviews Dimension GRC’s Executive Director, Jenine Colmore-Williams covering the state of AML/CFT regulation within New Zealand and the up and coming deadlines of Audit for Phase II entities coupled with the impending visit from FATF.

New Zealand Herald – Business Section


About Us

Jenine Colmore-Williams is driven by a single purpose, protecting our borders and our communities from money-laundering & fraud.

This drove her to establish Dimensions GRC, a software company focused on supporting and protecting businesses by enabling them to expose illegal money laundering activity. 

Because money laundering is a cancer that directly attacks the foundation of our communities. And just like cancer, there is no upside or anything remotely positive that comes from it.
Money laundering is not like armed robbery or murder, where the effects are in plain sight, and the victims are easy to identify, it is a silent blight that slowly moves through our communities without being noticed for what it is, with its effects being blamed on everything but the actual cause.
New Zealand estimates that over $1.35 Billion dollars is laundered through businesses here every year, and that’s just NZ.