Why You Should Be Worried About Money Laundering

Jenine Colmore-Williams is the founder of Dimension GRC, a software company focused on supporting and protecting businesses by enabling them to expose illegal money laundering activity. Money laundering is not like armed robbery or murder, where the effects are in plain sight, and the victims are easy to identify, it is a silent blight that slowly moves through our communities without being noticed for what it is, with its effects being blamed on everything but the actual cause.

It is estimated that over $1.35 billion dollars is laundered through businesses every year in New Zealand and as things tighten for businesses, this could actually worsen. We talk to Jenine about her work, the economy, and Ozark.

Who is Jenine Colmore-Williams?

Who is Jenine Colmore-Williams?

Jenine has a fascinating background with over 30 years’ experience improving the commercial, operational and people related processes of organisations.

Originally from Australia, Jenine has worked in the United Kingdom, AsiaPac, Europe, the United States and New Zealand covering a range of sectors including:

  • Financial services
  • IT – Telecommunications
  • Education
  • Logistics
  • Government

Jenine has had a successful career to date and is now turning her focus to protecting the New Zealand lifestyle and way of doing business. Utilising her private and public sector experience along with her in-depth knowledge of systems and processes to reduce the opportunity for illegal money laundering activity, which is on the rise.

Protecting communities from the destruction that AML/CFT can cause, has become the mission.

Despite AML/CFT being a highly complicated and technical space, Jenine has developed the Dimension platform so it is simple to use, and the processes are easy to understand. This takes the heavy lifting away from businesses obligations to be compliant with money laundering laws, and enables them to focus on their core services.

Jenine is becoming a regular media commentator in this area. She is also a sought-after speaker for both management and boards helping organisations understand the legal implications of AML/CFT and its impact on communities.