Insights Driven

Our elegant solution provides insights at a glance. With you in mind, we highlight items for your attention from onboarding a customer to ongoing due diligence, including:

Incomplete customer profiles and expired identification
Required Enhanced Due Diligence
Suspicious transactions breaching your risk tolerance

Know Your Customer

Our real-time Know Your Customer feature verifies your clients’ identification and enhanced due diligence requests against national and international databases ensuring you know your customer.
Offering peace of mind you can feel assured you:
Know Your Customer and their customer risk profile across all required categories
Are managing Enhanced Due Diligence obligations
Remain up-to-date with Identification Checks including the ongoing due diligence of expired identification

Suspicious Activity Monitoring

Of all the transactions that go through your company, you can feel confident those transactions that pose a risk are highlighted for ongoing due diligence with:
Built-in rule suppression to remove low risk items and highlight those that are medium-high, high and severe risk for your immediate attention
Effortless ‘three clicks to resolution’ through insights dashboard and task management feature
Real time, interactive chart display highlighting risk captured products/services
Option to suppress low and medium risk categories

Task Management

Our Task Management feature supports you in fully reconstructing the transaction history from initial investigation through to resolution and/or escalation.

URL links to document repository to enable a comprehensive investigation trail of all associated documentation such as source of funds
Notes are hard coded to ensure investigation journey is robust
Date stamped to ensure timely action is taken
All transactions under investigation, and those that have been closed, are easily located through filtered functions

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